We Are The Body (Story Behind The Song)

 We Are The Body is one of the few songs in the album which was lyrically based on the Epic Fantasy I am writing. This song was meant to be a call to worship to my Christian Brothers and Sisters, a call to come and worship as you are. One of the biggest examples of true worship is King David, in the Bible King David worshipped God with such reckless passion to the point of people despising him and he didn't give a crap. All he knew was God was worthy of all His praise and worshipped God with ALL HIS STRENGTH in singing and dancing. 

 This song is also a call to unification in the Church of Christ, as there is division among us and so much judgment within our hearts for one another. There are some so set on their ways they have all but forgotten the ways of God and cast out those who do not uphold their traditions or do not follow the laws of the Old Testament. The law is there to show us we are hopeless in achieving perfection and to point us to the Cross of Christ, where our sins are wiped away and we are made clean, not by anything we have done but by God's Grace ALONE. This is a call to unite under One, and only ONE, so those who have not heard nor seen, will hear of our God and see Him. 

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