To War (Story Behind The Song)

 This is the story behind my song To War, I will also share the lyrics to the song at the bottom of this post. 

 So before we get into it, my new album The Crusades Against Hell is based off an epic fantasy that I am currently still writing, I do not have an official title for this book yet either. One thing about these stories that I hope people will understand is that it is based on my own life story and the different seasons of life I have been through, past and present, and the seasons in my life are not always bright, in fact most are very dark and hard. One more thing I must explain, I am a metal artist, I am also a Christian and yes, you will hear echos of my faith and religious beliefs in my story and my music, that's just a part of my story and I get crap all the time from religious communities for being a Christian and writing what they call (Devil Worship Music) So before you go calling me a hypocrite and disgusting because of how religious people have judged you, well let's just say this in the words of Brooke Reeves of Impending Doom," You think religious folk judge you, you should see how they judge me." So now since that topic has been covered, let us get on with the story behind the song!

 The story of this song is one that really sets the mood to the rest of the album, "To War," is an invitation and a call to war to the main character in the story who is a night who was sent as a protector to a vast world full of people who colonized it, but also monsters and foul creatures of all sorts and very beautiful and exotic creatures as well. 

 This night had lost himself to a wicked creature that had taken over him (There will be a prequel of this story with Fire From Heaven's next release.) After being controlled by this wicked beast for so long, the Knight finally tried to resist him and in the first struggle between these two characters the Knight is struck down and left for dead atop the highest peak in that kingdom. After a great sleep which had lasted many years, the Knight is awoken by the sounds of a great war that the beast had begun to wage when he defeated the knight. When the knight awoke, he was greeted by the Creator who had first sent him to this world and that is finally where this song comes in. The Creator God tells the knight of the great struggle that is plaguing the earth and gives him orders to prepare himself for war and to find whatever was left of his forces that had scattered after the knight's defeat. 

 The knight gathers what little forces he can find and they begin a march to the gates of hell, home of the demons and monsters that plagued the world. The march to these "Gates of Hell is long and treacherous and the men grow very weary and restless, but the knight had been asleep for years and was furious and ready to take back what the enemy had taken. 

 Towards the end of the song, the armies near the gates of hell, and hell's hordes have an army prepared outside of hell's gates, The Creator goes before the knight and his army, as the battle lines are drawn and God in the form of a warrior knight, as he goes before the army the knight describes him and that is where the song ends. 

 There will be much more detail to these stories in the book, I have never written a book and I am not sure how long it will be till I have one finished, but I just wanted you guys to know there is a lot more behind this music than just some sick riffs and vocals, there is an epic tale unfolding that I am compelled to tell you about!

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