The Crusades Against Hell (New album fundraiser launching on Kickstarter)

Going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon to raise support for my next album The Crusades Against Hell. 
The Crusades Against Hell is set to be Fire From Heaven's second full-length album, this music will be very hard-hitting with crushing metal guitar riffs and vocals that will shake the gates of hell, lyrical tone is set on spiritual warfare and music to back that feel with a combination of epic orchestral elements like strings, choirs, and piano.Featuring originals with genuine lyrics and a call to step up and fight the war we were created to fight. 

With this album, I am pushing to challenge myself with every verse, every riff, every scream. I stick to a very particular sound which is Symphonic metalcore but with this album, we will still have that same consistency of sound with some deathcore, djent, and groove thrash thrown in here and there. Guitar tuning ranging from a very low drop F tuning, to drop D and anywhere in between. 

I would like to make clear what the title is about and what it means. It has nothing to do with the crusades (Wars between Christian and Muslims during the Medieval Period.) The Crusades Against Hell is a rally against the forces of hell and a call to the men of God to stand up and face the darkness instead of ignoring it. A call to arms to take back all that the devil has stolen and to answer the call to be the face of love and kindness to the weary broken souls that are lost in the world. Let this album call all who hear it to prayer for the gates of Hell will not prevail against the one who fights on his knees in prayer and worship. 

The lyrical theme is war, more specifically spiritual war. Let us go to battle!!! 

This is more than just music, this is my passion, my inspiration to keep pushing through the struggles life throws at me, this is a JOURNEY, this is a war to crush the darkness within myself and in the world, so come join me on The Crusades Against Hell!!!

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