The Crusades Against Hell -Album Update

 In this post, I just wanted to update you guys on all that is going on with the new album and out progress. 

  First off the fundraiser on Kickstarter is starting off very slow, I had the same issue with my last Kickstarter fundraiser, but we still got the support we needed and I am confident this fundraiser will be successful too. There is a trick to getting people to take action and that is persistence, so that is why I gave myself a lot more time than the last fundraiser, I will get you guys to take action, and you will be glad you did!

 This album is gonna hit like a freight train, the best part is the buildup in the intro.  I recently watched a video of one of my favorite YouTubers Nik Nocturnal, he was talking about how to make a good intro, and that the intro should be letting your fans know that there about to be destroyed with a crushing brutal riff. That is how I am sure you guys are going to feel when you listen to this album, you will know one thing when you press play, something epic is coming!

 So for the update on the progress of the album itself, I have 8 full tracks with all the instruments done so I have vocals to record and some lyric writing to finish for those 8 tracks, I have 3 other songs I am currently still tracking instruments for and still have a few ideas for maybe two or three more songs. I just received the official album artwork this morning from an amazing friend who donated it free of charge to help support the album, and I must say the artwork really reflects what the sound and feel of the album is going to be like, which is epic and brutally smashing!  Here are the tracks that I have so far, I am not sure if it will all be in this exact order but pretty close. 

 Overture To War (An epic intro giving you a warning of what is coming)

 The Body Of Our God (A call to be one Church and One Body as God intended)

 Waging Wars (A song talking about calling out the darkness within ourselves and confronting our own demons)

 Fire Within (A brutal song to fan the flame and turn an ember to a roaring fire!)

 This Is Our War (A song about a hidden war that is constantly being waged and why we fight in this war, and what we fight for.)

 Interlude (A transition into the next part of the album)

 Rally To The King (The King charges to battle, let us rally behind him!)

 The Missionary's Anthem (A story about the struggles that missionaries go through and the call they are given.)

 Battle Lines (Battle Lines are set now It's time to go into battle!)

 The Crusades Against Hell (Still trying to decide if this one is going to be the instrumental outro or not. 

  That is as far as I've gotten, I hope this excites you guys to go and help support this album on Kickstarter, still have $500 to raise to help with mastering and mixing, plus promotion.

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