The Crusades Against Hell

 Greetings metalheads, 

  I just wanted to write and update you guys on the album. 

 First off, the fundraiser on Kickstarter is doing well with 13 days left and $50 to go I am confident we got this in the bag, I knew you guys would come through, I am blessed to have supportive fans like you. If you didn't know already I have merch now available in the rewards on the fundraiser so check that out! Very excited to have some merch for the first time. 

 The production of the album is going great, I can't wait to finish the fundraiser and use some of those funds for some sick plugins, I am hoping to get some really high quality orchestral and choir plugins and give Fire From Heaven a more genuine sound. I am not for sure on this but the album all together will have approximately 15 tracks, including an intro, interlude, and outro. I have been working on writing the lyrics for a lot of the songs lately, and the story of the whole album unfolds as I write it and it has been a very fun process which sometimes I miss when I am writing an album I often feel pressured to. It is always so much fun to listen after all the hard work so to any artists reading this make sure you take time to enjoy all your hard work. 

 I am excited for the album release as I have released a few songs but have changed them up a little since I released them and I hope they catch you by surprise. One song I am going to change the name of is the song Fire Within, it will be changed to "From An Ember To A Flame." The lyrics for that song will still be a similar theme. 

 This is the song order so far, some things might change and some songs aren't there yet

1. Overture To War

2. The Body Of Our God

3. Lair Of The Demon (Waging Wars)

4. From An Ember TO a Flame (Fire Within)

5. This Is Our War

6. Interlude (No Title Yet)

7. Rally To The King

8. The Heart Of The Resilient

9. The Missionaries Anthem

10. The Crusades Against Hell

 There are more to come still just don't have the official titles yet but I hope this gets you stoked!!!

Lots of sick music coming, please go and help support the fundraiser while we still have time.


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