Hello everyone, so in this post, I just wanted to reflect on the past couple years a little bit as I am getting ready to launch a fundraiser for the new album.  

  It has been crazy the last couple of years, I have been working and creating music for years, even before my first official release and it has been very hard to keep on this path as I get a lot of criticism for the career I chose to pursue. I have fought many hard-won battles and even more battles that were absolutely crushing failures. The album I am getting ready to launch a fundraiser for was originally called Praise Metal Revolution, and it was going to be mainly a bunch of metal covers of worship songs with a couple of my own original worship songs but as I worked on it, I wanted to write my own worship album completely consisting of originals. That is when I decided on  A new title for this album. 

  About this time last year, I was launching my first fundraiser for this album, and it was a devastating failure, I had a goal of 500 and raised maybe 100. As I worked on this fundraiser I was so excited I decided to release a surprise Instrumental album consisting of songs I had made throughout that year and that was my album Metalcore Symphony Volume II. The album did very well, but the fundraiser was a failure and it took time to recover. 

  During the same time of year as all this was going on, I was struggling financially, and to find work. This was a very rough season for me, suffering blow after blow of crushing defeat. As the new year hit I decided to give the fundraiser another shot, but It was going to be for making physical copies of my past releases in an instrumental collection called The Symphony Of Creation. For this collection, I also revised and remastered all the releases that would be on this collection. This was my first successful fundraiser, I set the bar very low at 200, as that was all I needed to have 50 physical cd's made and we raised close to 400 which completely shocked me. People were actually supporting me and listening to my music, It was a dream come true!

  Before this fundraiser, I had this crazy idea to put together a small Ep, that would have vocals. (I have a tendency to take on too many projects) This was my release called Deathcore Symphony and was released right before the Symphony Of Creation fundraiser. This Ep was a huge accomplishment, although there was a lot that could have been done better, It will be done better when I release a full-length version of this Ep on a later date. 

   It has been such a long wild journey since my debut that was just last year. I swear it has been so much longer than that, I have been working and perfecting my sound for so long, some people would say quality over the content and they'd be right, but nothing makes me better at writing riffs, solos, and lyrics than doing it all the time. I love writing and which each song I am pushing my skill and sound further and further. This next album is gonna be epic (Trust Me! ;) )

 I think I have talked all I need to about all the past releases, it was a constant war creating this music. I hope this inspires you to press on, life is too short to spend it doing anything different than what you love. So go and pursue whatever your calling might be, and give it every last tear, every last drop of your blood, GIVE IT YOUR EVERYTHING!!! 

  Let the storms of life rain down, there is no growth without the rain!  Music, my passion, my adventure, I thank God for you! When the music is loud, guitars are crushing, drums are slamming, the bass is dropping, and vocals are shrieking, I am ALIVE!!!!! AND NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!!

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