New Album Fundraiser On Kickstarter Is Live!!

  Fire From Heaven's new album fundraiser has officially launched on Kickstarter. It actually launched a few days ago I just haven't made time to write a blog about it. We have 57 days left to raise $500 for The Crusades Against Hell, and I just want people to know that this main goal of 500 will be for paying for mixing and mastering services if we raise a lot more than I can hire a professional in my field of music which is what I am hoping but that is the main goal and the rest of the goal will be used for promoting this album, I am still trying to decide on what company I want to hire to promote me but so far I am thinking it is going to be GlobMetal Productions. Global Metal Productions actually watched a guitar playthrough of one of my songs on Facebook and re4ached out to me wanting to promote me so that is why I am leaning towards them to promote my album. BUT I am not signing to them or anything, just hiring them to promote, all the things a label would do but without taking any of my music profits, which would be SICK especially if Fire From Heaven blows up!

 I have been working on the production and writing of this album since this time last year when I tried launching a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter that wasn't successful. This album is going to be a crushing one, I am so excited to finish this get it to you guys! I am currently still writing some of the songs as the direction of the album changed earlier this year and some of the songs I had I took off and am releasing them a different time. I am still writing lyrics and that part takes me a bit longer but I am trying to focus on just one song and I'll release it as a single hopefully before the campaign ends so more people will support it when they hear what the vocals sound like, because I believe some people are a little skeptical of the vocals since I don't normally do them and is something I recently started doing. I promise they will be brutal, especially if I can hire a professional to mix them into my song mixes a lot better than I can.

 I have a lot of work in the studio I need to get to, so I'll end this blog here just want to keep you guys posted. I will be doing some studio vlogs and I'll be sharing them in the video section here on this website. If you guys have not yet checked out the album fundraiser, please take a second go and check it out, donate even $1 and share it around on your socials. 

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