An Epic Story To Tell

  It has been a long and difficult journey, my friends. How I am still alive and how I made it through without giving up I have no idea. Going through the process of writing this album, I had to take a very deep and diligent look at myself, ready to confront the evil that lurked within. The evil that lurks behind these eyes is overwhelming, as I journeyed deep within myself, I found parts of me that I never knew existed, good and evil, mostly evil. As I confronted the darkness, great enemies had awakened, monsters grotesque and wicked lurking behind the shadows. I found everything I observe in those around me that I judge and despise is the most wicked monsters inside. 

  The Crusades Against Hell has been a very eye-opening experience, even as I set out to write this album, I had intentions of looking deep within myself asking God to show me my faults and what issues I need to deal with that have been festering and growing for years, but I had no idea of the atrocities that had been spawned from my childhood and early years, lust, greed, judgment, and anger. Much more than this that still hides in the shadows. God exposed these dark monsters with the light of His truth and showed me how weak they will become when they are faced with the truth as all their power comes from deception and lies. 

 As I write these albums and create music, a story has begun to unfold in my heart, an epic fantasy story about a Knight. This story is something a felt compelled by God to share, so as this album was a journey to confront the darkness within myself, I wrote the story about my journey in the form and style of epic fantasy. I am working on a rough draft for an actual book, it will still be a while, and I am going back to before this story of the Crusades Against Hell and starting at the beginning with what I am calling, "The Evil Wolf Chronicles." (Sounds Epic Right???) I am very excited as this story begins to unfold, and I have yet many plans for new music releases this year as this story begins to unfold. Before my album the Crusades Against Hell even drops, I am going to announce two EP'S coming later this year, The First one, that will be based off the prelude to The Crusades Against Hell, which is, The Evil Wolf Chronicles." and a second Ep, "The Age Of The Light Wolf." Still working on the title for that second one but it will something of a similar idea. 

  So yeah, I started this blog to talk about my new album and ended up announcing my next two releases. This is how I get when I start writing, I get caught up in the story that I am compelled to tell you about!!!

The Crusades Against Hell is dropping THIS MONTH on the 28th!!! It is going to be an epic journey through a land full of demons, dragons, wolves, and serpents and a Knight sent by God to confront these wicked creatures and protect the innocent from these monsters!

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