Fire From Heaven

My name is Andrew Hopper the founding member, and only member of Fire From Heaven, I am from the middle of nowhere in Nebraska. Fire From Heaven's sound is best described as symphonic Deathcore, with some melodic metalcore here and there. 

 Fire From Heaven was started as a passion project. I have always wanted a career in music and this project is the one thing making it possible to live out my dreams as Fire From Heaven grows and gains support.

 Each release from Fire From Heaven is inspired by an epic fantasy story that I the founder of Fire From Heaven (Andrew Hopper) am currently writing. The first story I hope to release later this year along with an Ep titled, "The Evil Wolf Chronicles."

  When I got into metal music my two favorite genres were Metalcore/Deathcore and Symphonic Metal, so when I started making my own music a lot of my guitar riffs were technical and melodic metalcore similar to bands like As I Lay Dying, Unearth, and Demon Hunter. As my sound evolved, I had thought of how I always loved symphonic metal, so I started incorporating symphonic elements like Piano, strings, and choirs to create my symphonic metalcore sound. 


Fire From Heaven is currently preparing for the release of The Crusades Against Hell on the 28th of this month!!!! It will be thrilling and epic! Be sure to go and check out my music and subscribe to my mailing list to stay updated on all that I am working on as well as deals on my music and free downloads!