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andrew hopper founding member

Founded by Andrew Hopper, Fire From Heaven is a solo project I started as a way to share my music and pursue a career in music as I have tried many times to join a band but was never selected. 

 After all the defeat I have faced, out of the ashes of many failures Fire From Heaven was born with a fire in my eyes, and an even greater fire in my heart, one that not even the devil himself can put out. I am here to make metal that crushes all doubt and inspires you to do what you are called to do.

 I am on a journey to pursue my calling no matter what obstacles stand in my way, I will find a way to make every obstacle regret it ever stood in my way and God willing have the resilience to face storm after storm to get to where I am going. This project is a journey I hope you will join me on, the path on this journey will never be easy to follow but the broad roads that most take are too easy, what is life if we don't push ourselves beyond our limits? How will we grow? 

 This is more than just music, this is my passion, my inspiration to keep pushing through the struggles life throws at me, this is a JOURNEY to slay our dragons, crush demons and save innocents from the hands of evil! Come and Join me!



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